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Bali cuisines

Bali Cuisines

Tasty Bali CuisinesCuisines of Bali - The city of Bali offers you lots of tasty food to choose from. There are dishes like ever-popular Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), Sate, Mie Goreng (Fried Noodles) with Ayam (Chicken) in various combinations. Check out the Bebek Betutu, a specialty of duck smoked in an eastern oven or Bubur Injun, a coconut rice pudding with fruit. In Bali, every meal is ignited with a typical red Balinese sauce that is truly out of this world.

If seafood is your favorite cuisine, visit Jimbaran Bay, which has its own seafood scene every evening. Enjoy a variety of fresh fish, prawns, squid, and lobster.. with a lovely long drink by candlelight and the evening sky and the bay for company. The Balinese eat very early…so don't be surprised if you are offered dinner at about 6 pm !

Food is very affordable. You can have an excellent meal including a large bottle of beer at many tourist restaurants for US $ 3, while for US $10; you get to enjoy a gourmet meal at some of the finest restaurants around. Check out the Lotus Seaview and Kubu Bali at Candidasa. The TJ's Restaurant is another absolutely beautiful place.


dances in Bali divided into some categories,they are sacral dances and wali-walian dances.
the Sanghyang dances, Rejang dances,Baris, are included sacral dances and kecak dance,Ramayana,Panganjali,Panyembrahma are included wali-walian damces. what is differences between sacral dances and wali-walian dances,  sacral dances usually perform in temples perform for God only on for public consume, wali-walian dances is perform for public consume

All about Bali

Bali is one of Indonesia provinces where is located in Bali island between Java island and Lombok island. Most of people is Bali is Hindu but it is very different with Hindu in India, where Hindu in Bali is influenced by its cultures. Bali has many beautiful scenary such as Nusa dua beach,Jimbaran where there u can enjoy sea food in many restaurant on the beach.Kuta is a popular place to visit because you can sun bathing and surfing in the beach and many restaurant,art shops,club and discotheque you can get there.Denpasar, Denpasar is Bali's capital city,where there you can see the kumbasari and Badung traditional market,Pasar burung satria (Satria Birds Market),Sanur beach,Museum Bali.Besides those objects u can visit,Taman national Bali barat ( west Bali national park),Bunut bolong,Jatiluwih,Tanah lot,Alas kedaton,Bedugul Botanical garden,Beratan lake,Sangeh monkey forest,Taman ayun temple,Ubud,Sukawati art market,Tirta empul,Pengelipuran,Kintamani,Lake batur,Mount batur,Besakih temple(Mother temple),Candi dasa,Tenganan,Tirta gangga,Taman ujung,Amed,Tulamben,Gitgit waterfal,Lovina and many other tourism objects that i can not mention one by one.
Bali usually hold many festivals every years such as festival kesenian Bali (Bali arts Festival) usually hold between  march until july,Kite international festival usually hold between july-august,Sanur village festival,kuta carnival usually held in september.

Best Time to Visit Bali

Best Time to Visit Bali, IndonesiaBest Season to Visit Bali - Bali experiences tropical weather all throughout the year due to its location near the equator. Tourists keep coming on to Bali all round the year in search of relax and peaceful holidays. So it's very important to know in advance when to visit Bali in Indonesia. Bali is an all season place as far as weather is concerned. However there are certain months in a year when it's become to humid in Bali. The ideal season to visit Bali is between March and September. This period is best for beach lovers as the day temperature remains good. It may rain sometimes during the day but it will fresh the air and bring more joy and fun for the tourists.
Where to Stay and Party in Bali:The biggest resorts are the party towns of Kuta and Legian, with the more subdued beaches at Lovina and Candi Dasa. Most visitors also spent time in Ubud, whose mainstays continued to be paintings, carving,